Welcome to The Lil Wax Melt Boutique

Welcome to The Lil Wax Melt Boutique

Welcome to The Lil Wax Melt BoutiqueWelcome to The Lil Wax Melt Boutique




What kind of wax do you use?

We use vegan eco-friendly soy wax that gives a cleaner burn than any other wax.

Where are you based?

A little coastal town in the heart of the North East called South Shields. If you are local we are more than happy to arrange delivery or pick up to save you the postage cost. Please contact us through the Contact page to arrange this.

Do you ship outside UK&I?

Not currently, but in the future we hope to do so.

Do you do custom orders?

We are happy to discuss ALL custom orders with you!!

Are your items CLP Compliant?  

Yes they are! CLP Labels are added to all orders before shipping.

Do your melts need curing before use?

‘Curing’ your wax products before use means storing your products in a dry, dark place (like a cupboard) for a period of time, until the fragrance oil is fully binded with the wax. For soy this can typically take two weeks. Unless stated all curing is done prior to shipping. 

For any other questions please email us at thelilwaxmeltboutique@yahoo.com